Are you looking to inject a breath of fresh air into your home or business? Forget redecorating. Instead, consider a new coat of interior paint. A new color scheme can be bold and bright or muted and minimalistic depending on your personal aesthetic. However, it’s important to make sure you are choosing the right colors for each room in your home. According to color specialists, here are six colors to avoid when painting your home in Denver CO.

What Paint Colors Should You Avoid When Painting Your Home?


On its own, red is visually interesting and invokes feelings of creativity and passion. Unfortunately, the intensity of red can also be overwhelming to the eye. Avoid using this color when painting small spaces or rooms meant for relaxation, like your bedroom. If you absolutely must use red, try limiting the shade to an accent wall.


There’s nothing wrong with a classic white wall. White is a true neutral that goes with any color scheme, and a fresh white coat is the easiest way to brighten a space. However, most interior painters know from experience that white walls get dirty easily. For this reason, white may not be the best choice for painting bathroom walls, which are constantly in danger of being splashed with makeup residue, soap stains, and more. Instead of white, consider cool, pastel shades like denim blue, sea-foam green, or dusty gray.


Pink is a pleasant, crowd-pleasing color that’s especially popular for feminine spaces. However, it’s still in the red family and has the tendency to overwhelm small spaces. Choosing the wrong shade of pink can also make your walls look unintentionally muddy. Avoid this shade for small, windowless spaces like bathrooms and hallways. For any other space, ask your painting contractors for swatches that you can observe under different lighting conditions before you commit to painting the whole wall.


Yellow accents can be visually interesting in small doses. However, according to professional interior painters, yellow should be avoided when painting entire walls. A solid wall of yellow can be overly stimulating, especially in the bedroom. Instead of painting your walls yellow, consider incorporating this color with your décor pieces, such as vases or cushions, or limiting it to one accent wall.


In Denver CO, green is one of the most popular colors for indoor decorating. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the trickiest colors to work with. Choosing the wrong shade of green paint can make a space look tacky or even make your guests feel slightly sick.


In recent years, browns have risen in popularity as an acceptable alternative to classic white. However, it can easily make a room look muddy and dirty. If you want to have a brown color scheme, stick to lighter hues like beige and taupe and limit the darker shades to painting accents and trims.

Boost Your Home Value with New Paint

The right paint colors will help you feel more at home in your own home, but it’s also important for resale value. Not only does a bad paint job make your home look worse, but future buyers can also be turned-off by bold, dark colors that are difficult to paint over. This is the main reason why consulting professional painting contractors is always best. At Panoramic Pro Painting, we have a team of experts who are happy to help you choose the right paint colors according to your schedule. To make your home look its best, contact us to schedule your first consultation.