How Long Does Exterior House Painting Season Last?

Depending on where you live, the exterior painting season may not last long. Once the cool of fall sets in, time is of the essence. There are times when it is literally too cold to paint. Many people wonder when they can finally get that paint job in before the temperature drops too much.

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When Does the Exterior House Painting Season End?

Unfortunately, there comes a time when paint and cold weather do not mix. This obviously varies depending on your geographical region. Once temperatures drop below a certain level, oil-based paints become thicker. This, in turn, makes it very difficult to apply in an even manner.

Cold weather can also interfere with the paint’s curing process. The lack of proper curing will also lead to paint failure. This is something that all professional exterior painters must keep in mind before embarking on a project.

In many cases, the outside temperature should not drop below 50 degrees F. But that can also vary from 10 to 15 degrees below that point.

Again, the temperature time frame can vary wildly. Northern areas often get much colder a lot faster and the winter seasons last longer than in the South. In some areas of the South, the temperatures may be mild enough to paint up until November. Residential painting contractors can give you an estimate regarding the best time frame for exterior painting.

Can Special Paint Be Used During Cold Weather?

Yes, Sherwin Williams has a special type of paint manufactured to be used specifically during the winter months. However, this paint does have pros and cons. While this paint is efficient and gives the same coverage as regular paint, it lacks the same durability. Homeowners want an exterior paint job that will last for many years. If the paint is not durable, your home may need another paint job within a few short years. This is the reason why most homeowners should wait until it warms up to have their home painted.

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